The Chemistry Of Love

The NEW Love Guide

Instantly Improve YOUR Love Life

            An introduction to all Love secrets:
  • Dating: Do's and Don'ts, How can you tell it's THE ONE? Detect and Select.
    Settle for less or stay single? Myth busted! What will make dating superfluous?
  • Relationship: How to stay in Love. How to prevent cheating. Why do we fight?
    Rekindle the FLAME. Overcoming obstacles. Make, receive and give more Love
  • Chemistry and Biology: Why, when and how are men and women different? Body language. Why falling in or out of Love? What's the secret of True Love?

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Karen Smith, Yoga Teacher

“Last year I was at the Singles Seminar. We learned how to find the right partner, how to keep the right partner and how to stay in love forever. I was sceptic but I tried and it worked! I have found my soul mate! We are sooo happy!”

In The Chemistry Of Love, You Will Discover:


Biology plays a big part in falling in Love, so how does it work? Can you use biology to make THE ONE fall in Love with you?
What kind of partner does biology selects for us? You're no longer a slave to biology when you use The Chemistry Of Love!


We have complicated to find The Right Partner /  your Soul Mate. The Chemistry Of Love takes you on the path to True Love.
Do you want to know why it never worked out before and why it will work out with The Right Partner?


A relationship is a partnership, it requires reciprocation. What are the key components of a great relationship? How to overcome obstacles or to prevent cheating. Is it possible to rekindle the chemistry, to keep feeling like you've met 3 months ago?


"Until death do us part". How come few 'Love and cherish' for more than 70 years while nowadays most won't make the 7 years?
How can YOU beat biology and chemistry? What's the secret to staying in Love FOREVER? And how can YOU feel in Love everyday?

About the Author: Tony Verheij

Tony researched and tested the works of doctors and experts, has watched numerous TED Talks and videos, read books and studies and combined them with his own interviews with dozens of elderly couples, thousands of singles, people that are gender conscious, twins and multiples, his own students and his own The Formula For True Love that was founded in 2011, tested in the following years which created a proven system to find True Love and keep True Love in your life.
Tony Verheij is surrounded by happy couples that found True Love and rekindled their Love.

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